A Word From Our Pastor


Fr. Vic Valles

Peace and blessings in Christ Jesus!

When our first parents departed from the garden of Eden (Genesis Chapter 3), the human race came to know sin, suffering and death. But God did not leave the human race to that fate. Through the gift that is Jesus Christ, fully divine, and fully human, God saved the human condition so that through humanity the whole Creation may be restored to the Creator.

Advent is the time to glorify God for wanting to share togetherness with human family- and for coming into our history by the birth of our Lord Jesus. This is what God does out of love for us.

Pope Francis stresses the importance of being vigilant during this season. He continues to remind us that with this attitude, we we quickly become aware of the “ tears and necessity of our neighbor”. He says “ Advent is a time given to us “ to welcome the Lord who comes to meet us, to verify our desire for God, to look ahead and prepare ourselves for the coming of Christ on Christmas”.

During this time, we reflect together on the mystery of God incarnate, the mystery of a God who goes forth to His people. How do we imitate this God and go to others in the love of Christ? The challenge is upon us!

We will never exhaust the riches that we draw from the mystery of the Incarnation. Let our prayers this Advent remind us that, like our Savior who came to us, we need to go to others. Let us ask Mary to be with us always, she who is the model and icon of vigilant expectation. May she guide us to an encounter with her son, Jesus reviving our love for him.

I wish you all a most blessed and meaningful season of Advent and Christmas!

Sincerely yours, Father Vic